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Travalian is the first free extensive travel guide and social media site


Travalian is the first free extensive travel guide and social media site. Driven to support tourist departments and communities by standardizing the travel industry long into the future. We are motivated to encourage the success of new and established businesses by eliminating the burden of high cost booking systems, by connecting businesses directly to their customers (Travellers and explorers). The platform provides communities with an opportunity to build an online presence through promotion of their events, activities, attractions and areas of natural interests. This in turn, empowers local services to reach a wider customer base.


We encourage members (who are registered and have an active profile with us) to continually add new information about interesting areas by uploading photos, videos, new events, local services and writing blog posts that can be liked, rated, reviewed, followed and commented on, in a similar way to Facebook.

The effect of this resulting interaction is the irrefutable statistics surrounding each country, town and community, which can be used solely for the purpose of feeding back valuable information to local tourist organizations, for leisure services as well as to businesses that can benefit from deeper insights into what visitors are doing within each area.

This information will be distributed in the form of relevant analytics and infographics, which can be used to enlighten and improve existing marketing strategies by local authorities, while also strengthening the more popular areas of interest, and bolstering disappearing areas that may be of interest to visitors. This will ultimately improve potentially untapped opportunities, bringing further interest into more remote areas of potential tourism, as well as to protect endangered areas, and to offer sustainable growth for the future.


We have no commercial ambitions in terms of booking, other than recommending options to the benefit of communities and visitors alike, although we plan on adding the ability for services to increase popularity through a priority listing, in order to support and maintain our mission.

Travalian is a long-term project, that will continually build as an information and social Media resource, in a similar way to Wikipedia, with our sight is set on the future. We will be Offering content back to anyone wishing to use this wealth of information, as long as it is being used for the benefit of promoting sustainability, for the sake of communities, and not misused by booking companies wishing to create revenue by charging agency fees.


The effect of entirely leaving tourism in the hands of the online booking agencies, is that they continually promote only popular areas that have financial benefit, leaving infrequently visited and remote areas forgotten. By so doing, popular areas are over visited leading to overuse of resources, pollution and abuse of nature. The currently unpopular (yet undiscovered) remote areas that are not promoted, tend to lose their integrity and soon become neglected and often abandoned.

What is required is a more diverse range of tourist activities, that help disperse travelers throughout a broader range away from major tourist hotspots, maintaining more remote locations, into a sustainable future that can grow and continue to support local communities as well as many disappearing indigenous populations with employment and a positive future.

With the growth of tourism, tourists themselves are always looking to expand experiences and challenge limitations beyond mainstream holidays, continually looking more to discover and explore the unknown, in a world full of surprises, but these areas are becoming far more difficult to find and require support for the future as sustainable resources.


The Travalian ideal has been built to involve governments, communities and travelers, as a way to participate and control their own future and outcome, by building an online presence into the future. Although the platform has been built to be a self-generating marketing system. The focus is much more as a long term project, that will continually be created and extended, over many years to  eventually end up as the most extensive resource of its kind, covering every aspect of travel and leisure for every country and city worldwide, as a benefit for those that use it, as a traveler, a business or for the governments that rely so heavily on tourism for their own future development.


Initially launched in Australia, Travalian will move on to Spain, the USA, UK, Portugal, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand, within the next six months, with an eye to extending to a further 90 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas covering an estimated two million towns and cities worldwide.

Our focus is to offer a better alternative for businesses to move away from booking systems, to bring back control of Travel and leisure into the hands of travelers and services, and as a platform where members can add every destination type, of areas of natural beauty and interest, that will create an ultimate travel guide for locals and visitors to enjoy long into the future. Eventually to diversify tourism, to maintain a balance between humankind and nature, to support under privileged communities, enhance and improve travel and leisure, to manage tourism through an open and transparent service on a global scale.