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Tourists looking to explore Australia can now do so without having to pay the high fees of greedy travel agencies. Australian tourists have over the years been limited to locations that travel agencies provide. This is because there is simply no centralized platform that provides information on tourism in all areas, popular or not. Travalian is the first free to all social media travel guide that provides valuable information to people concerning travel and leisure. The platform also allows business owners and service providers in proximity to tourist attractions to list their services and business without hassles.

The platform boasts of having information on over 11,000 towns, 50,000 destinations and 77,000 services in Australia only, this data is what provides travelers and tourist unlimited access to hotspots, hotels, restaurants, night clubs, and even museums without interference by a third party. Tourists can easily log on to the platform and connect with other users, information on places can be shared, using blogs, comments, likes and follows. Businesses and service providers on the other hand, can also list their brands, locations and events on the website. This way information is available to everyone.

‘We would have told you reasons why we are better than others, but sadly no one has ever done what we are doing’ – Robert Fathers, C.E.O, Travalian.

Being the first of its kind, Travalian has carefully designed its website to accommodate and support tourists from all over the world, this helps to build the Australian economy by strengthening even the smallest businesses and entrepreneurs who offer services related to travel and leisure. Communication and information are the wheels of the platform, with more people, more information is shared and the cycle keeps going on.


More about Travalian…

Initially launched in Australia, Travalian will move on to Spain, the USA, UK, Portugal, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand, within the next six months, with an eye to extending to a further 90 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas covering an estimated two million towns and cities worldwide.

Its focus is to offer a better alternative for businesses to move away from booking systems, to bring back control of travel and leisure into the hands of travelers and services, and as a platform where members can add every destination type, of areas of natural beauty and interest, that will create an ultimate travel guide for locals and visitors to enjoy long into the future. Eventually to diversify tourism, to maintain a balance between humankind and nature, to support under privileged communities, enhance and improve travel and leisure, to manage tourism through an open and transparent service on a global scale.