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10 facts about Travalian

What are ratings?

The Travalian rating system is a completely unique and the only system of its kind, the first to rate cities, towns and towns of natural beauty, doing this through its most popular characteristics. This offers a detailed overview of each location that identifies the best and worst of every location, which helps members seek towns according to their own personal interest, likes and dislikes, by State or country.

What are Destinations?

This is a natural attraction that is not man-made, such as waterfalls, lakes, rivers, or seaside, Travalian hopes to be the first resource to document all of these in the future and the responsibility for all members to add special natural areas within each area. Once the member has created a new destination, they become that towns destination and responsible for the pages updates, it is of great benefit to local businesses to add these so members can link back to their services, but no advertising is permitted and can be reported.

What are Towns or Cities to you?

For Travalian this category means any urban area from a small village, town and large city or capital city. Members are asked to update information related to each city to give a more accurate description for the benefit of locals and visitors.

What is Travalian Social Media?

Our Social Media system is in the truest form of a social networking site, is entirely free and where any member can interact, post information or media and to find and connect with other members worldwide. You can use the member search feature in order to find other members by location, sex and interest, especially useful feature if you are looking for travelling companions.

What are Events?

Showing all types of public events from each area, where members can add an event and the event is sent to all other members who live within that area.

What is a Travel blog?

Articles posted about different locations, destinations and about various services within each area. Share your views on what towns are best or what to avoid. We want to create a community where everyone feels welcome to share their own opinions so that others can see if they want to experience the same

What is an Attraction

These are towns that have any special interest, it could be a museum or a circus, sometime a permanent structure as well as something that changes location. Attractions usually are built by man to form a group of like-minded people to enjoy what was created.

What is an Activity?

Is usually a sporting activity like climbing or an activity related to a hobby such as fishing. Activities can be done alone or in groups, the main goal to activities is to have fun and enjoy what you are doing.

What is Accommodations?

Any form of board available for sleeping away from home, this could be from a resort to Bed and Breakfast.

What is Nightlife?

Any form of social activities or entertainment that happens during the evening or night, these can be Nightclubs, lounges, discos, bar and many more. The only category we will not include in nightlife is restaurants as they are exclusive to the restaurant category.

What are Travalian Maps?

The Travalian Map can be used for quickly locating either one or all of the local activities in any one area, this becomes more automated with a mobile phone which will track a member’s current location and show the map for that area. You can also find the path for the starting point and destination points by Cars, Motor Bikes, and Bicycle, Trains, flights.

What are Restaurants?

Anywhere where you can go to eat and includes restaurants within other businesses which are listed separately in this category, such as a hotel that has a restaurant is primarily listed under accommodation, but the restaurant can be also be listed under restaurants, this is so that customers can easily find everything related to restaurant in one area. There are many types of restaurants from a steakhouse to a salad bar, there are also towns that sell the obscure. As long as it’s a restaurant then it will be in that category.

What is Travalian Content?

Our content covers more information than any other system online. The database covers over 3 million towns and cities worldwide, as a comparison, Wikipedia has six thousand town in Australia against the eleven thousand in the Travalian database. Information covers descriptions, ratings for every town and destination, and includes contact information of local events, activities, attractions, nightlife, restaurants and accommodation.

What is the Travalian Community?

The Travalian communities are usually local groups within each area, but each one includes those that support each location. Communities are encouraged to promote their own local area by posting articles, comments, media and by asking friends to help by rating and to help make each location more popular, which is helpful for visitors and bring more Travellers to the area. The city or destination page is where members will get all community information.

Ask the Business / members

there are widgets where the community can ask questions regarding the business on their page in which the business or members who have experienced the service and answer the questions so that everyone will know the answer and this will create a stronger community in where more people will be more persuaded to visit the service. This lets not only a business show that they care but also having a community that will tell the truth and show what their opinion is about the question.

What is Free Booking?

Travalian has a unique free booking system where neither members or businesses are charged any fee or commission. Customers have the option of contacting a business directly or can send a booking enquiry through Travalian so that messages are forwarded by SMS, WhatsApp, email or by calling directly to the owner or manager.

What are Special offers?

Travalian suggests to every business to offer discounts or free bonuses as a way to promote their services to members. We offer businesses to make these discount offers as we do not take commission so this means they have money to spare and they can get more customers by doing this. This would help the business with popularity but also help customers go to towns they could not before as the prices from booking sites are incredibly expensive. Travalian has a special search feature for this in each category that is extremely popular.

What are reviews?

At Travalian, creating reviews are essential to businesses and destinations to show members what others opinions about the location, this makes members know more about the place and also if it’s for them. Our reviewing system will help get the attention that the business or destination deserves and this will also give them a better reputation.

What is Google Ranking?

Your Travalian page Google rank is designed to help you gain a primary position within the search engines and contains a formula with information that ranks you higher than other booking system. This is because Travalian offers Google more detailed information about business contact details, which cannot be seem inside of other commission-based services. By continually adding content in Travalian and sharing this in other social sites you will continually increase your ranking, especially in more competitive areas.